Tay&Tay Hawaii Wedding

September 14, 2018

Taylor & Taylor were kind enough to invite me to come photograph their destination wedding in Hilo, Hawaii. They rented a home with an incredible backyard to have their ceremony with an epic waterfall view. They had a small wedding with their close friends and family along with their two beautiful daughters.

Boy Taylor gifted his bride with a heart shaped locket with a photo of her father inside (her “something new”) Girl Taylor had a piece of her mothers wedding dress sewn inside of her dress as her “something old”, borrowed earrings from her mother in law and her “something blue” was a blue gem on her garter.

They also had a shell they made into a necklace to have one of their daughters wear to hold their rings. This was the same shell used to hold the engagement ring when boy Taylor proposed.

Their rings were the perfect fit for their gorgeous Hawaii dream wedding and they wrote their vows to read to each other privately.





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